Mark Wahlberg is, at his core, like us. He was far from perfect growing up, going so far as to serve time in prison for attempted murder, but he did what Muscle & Fitness readers try to do every day—he got better.

Now, a huge Academy Award-nominated movie star who prides himself in his ability to hit the gym and transform his physique for his roles, Wahlberg serves as a fitness inspiration to all of us.

M&F got ahold of the gym-rat actor to discuss the making of Pain & Gain, the new Michael Bay–directed action/black comedy based on the true story of a group of Florida bodybuilders who concoct an ill-fated extortion and kidnapping plot.


“I actually planned on getting bigger than I did [for the movie], but
I was getting ready to film Broken City right before, and the director wanted me to be thinner. I weighed 185–190 at the time, and got down to 165 for the role in Broken City, so I had to start from a place that’s below my normal body weight. But I was still able to get up to 212 for Pain & Gain. I took a lot of Mass Gainer [from his own line]. It’s funny, because I already had my MARKED products done when I started training for the movie, so I basically had my own line just in time. But I was eating 10 meals a day. I mean, I’d go to bed at 10 o’clock after eating a meal and then wake up at 2 o’clock to eat, still full from my last meal.

“I was training five days a week. I’d start with benching, and then I’d do my squats and lunges, then I’d do a lot of old-school stuff. I’d literally do a row of machines at the Sports Club/LA. One set of every single machine all the way down the row. I’d leave the hotel at 4:30 in the morning—just as the nightclubs were letting out on South Beach.
I’d walk in the gym as the door opened at 5:00 AM every day. ”


“We’d be working out on set all the time, because our set was a replica of Sun Gym. The great thing about Michael [Bay] is that he doesn’t like to start too early. So I’d be able to go to the gym from 5:00 to 6:00 a.m., come back, have a shake, and be off to the set by about 8:30 a.m.

“Lunchtime was great because we’d have a big meal and then I’d
just lie down and take a power nap. We never turned the TV on in the trailer. The only time we’d hear any noise in the trailer was when I woke up from a nap—I’d just start screaming and yelling, pounding the walls—being [my character] Daniel Lugo.”

The Evolution of Mark Wahlberg



It remains standing dogma, at least in the shrill annals of long-suffering wives and girlfriends, that men do not change. Of course we don’t. Change is an admission of error. Hell with that. We evolve. Over time, we apply bled-from-life wisdom, tools, and ambition to make ourselves into what we wish to be. To our impatient ladies: Sorry that it takes a while, but this is the best way. It skips fads and other “changes” that simply will not stick.

The X factor is how well we evolve. Some men have a skill for it, a drive for it. “Open arms,” says Mark Wahlberg, who is indisputably one of those men. That’s his secret. “My life has evolved so drastically over the years in every aspect. I embrace it.”

From teenage criminal to Marky Mark to cinematic bad guy to Oscar nominee to something different entirely: That’s Wahlberg. When I first visited him at his Beverly Hills home 2 years ago, he had just locked down some terrific roles and become a father. That could have been plenty. But he was already looking forward, obsessed with transformation. He’d built a dream gym, boxing ring and all, where he’d been training for almost 2 years to play “Irish” Micky Ward, a Massachusetts boxer who fought three legendary bouts against Arturo Gatti. Wahlberg had been trying to line up interest in a movie about Ward for years, and although he had some big names on board—Brad Pitt was to play Ward’s half brother, and Darren Aronofsky was to direct—it hadn’t been given the green light.

Still, Wahlberg trained.

Now, finally, nearly 5 years after he began his quest, The Fighter is due out in December, this time with Christian Bale playing Ward’s half brother and David O. Russell at the helm. “I was so desperate to make it that I would’ve made any version of the movie,” Wahlberg says.

But you can’t look at a project like this from beginning to end and understand how a man turns nothing into something. A “making of” story on E! would show lots of sweat and little substance. But in Wahlberg’s world, the sweat is very much the substance. The movie wouldn’t have happened had he remained any version of the man he was, even one of the more successful versions.

Because as Wahlberg knows—and the rest of us need to learn—the root of any success backtracks in a jagged, crisscrossed line. No success is self-generated; no failure is self-contained. The things you do now, and the man you will become, determine what you’re capable of.

Josh Duhamel joins Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bay for Transformers: The Last Knight


Josh Duhamel, star of Michael Bay’s popular Transformers franchise, is returning to the series after not appearing in the fourth film.

Duhamel will reprise his role as Major Lennox for the first time since Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon in 2011. Maor Lennox was in charge of handling the transforming vehicles following the events of the first movie. The third movie also marked the last movie in the franchise for Shia LaBeouf. Michael Bay is set to return to direct the film and Mark Wahlberg, who starred in the fourth film, will also join the cast.

Bay tweeted out the confirmation earlier today, jokingly asking Duhamel if he still knew his way around the set. Bay also revealed yesterday that the newest installment of the franchise would be called Transformers: The Last Knight.

The movie is set to be released in 2017.

How Carole Middleton conquered the Queen: Kate’s mother has become Her Majesty’s firm favourite

How Carole Middleton conquered the Queen: Kate’s mother has become Her Majesty’s firm favourite

At first glance, they appear not to have much in common.

One was born to a life of unimaginable privilege, the cosseted daughter of a family of impeccably connected Scottish nobles used to a life of privilege.
The other hails from a long line of Durham miners, carpenters and tradesmen whose family clawed their way out of poverty through sheer hard graft.

And yet if one looks closer, there are uncanny similarities between the late Queen Mother and new royal in-law, Carole Middleton.

So much so, some in royal circles have dubbed Mrs Middleton ‘the Steel Marshmallow Mark II’.

The phrase was originally coined by the photographer and royal acolyte Cecil Beaton to encapsulate what he believed to be the Queen Mother’s remarkable character — which he described as ‘a marshmallow made on a welding machine’.

As with the Queen Mother, Carole’s charming veneer masks an unyielding toughness — one of her business suppliers describes her as ‘personable but an absolute b***-breaker’.

14 Fruit Infused Waters


1. Apple Cinnamon


2. Blackberry and Sage


3. Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil


4. Cucumber, Melon, and Mint


5. Orange and Blueberry



6. Watermelon and Mint


7. Raspberry, Rose Petal, and Vanilla


8. Citrus and Cucumber


9. Grapefruit Rosemary


10. Orange Kiwi


11. Strawberry, Lime, and Cucumber


12. Cucumber, Raspberry, and Grape


13. Blueberry and Lavender


14. Ginger, Pear, Cinnamon, and Vanilla